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Note: The Center for Research on Parallel Computation ceased operation in 2000. These pages are retained for archival purposes only.

In the face of dizzying change in parallel architectures, the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC) has concentrated on making parallel computers usable by fostering advances in software and algorithms in the following areas:

A key problem in software has been the absence of an architecture-independent parallel programming interface. This has made it difficult for programmers, and particularly independent software vendors, to adopt parallel computing because of the lack of protection of the initial programming investment. A second software problem has been the general difficulty of using parallel programming interfaces. During its lifetime, CRPC has helped ameliorate these problems through its research on advanced languages, such as High Performance Fortran (HPF), Concurrent C++ (CC++), and Fortran M, and support for the development of standards for machine-independent programming interfaces, such as PVM and MPI.

At the same time, CRPC has helped to develop the generation of new algorithms needed to use parallel computers effectively, making fundamental contributions in the areas of physical simulation, numerical optimization, and linear algebra. CRPC has also pioneered new methods for packaging and distributing algorithm technology and manages software distribution for the entire Federal HPCC program through the National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE).

As a result of the successes of CRPC and other researchers in the parallel computing community, parallel computation is coming to be an accepted technology for achieving high performance on science and engineering calculations.

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