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Note: CRPC ceased operations in 2000. These pages are retained for archival purposes.


The Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC) is managed by the Director, Ken Kennedy, who is empowered to make the final decision on all matters. In particular, the Director is responsible for research planning, budget preparation, and reporting of Center activities to the NSF and participating institutions. The Director is assisted by the Executive Director, the Executive Committee, the Technical Steering Committee, and the External Advisory Committee.

Executive Director

The Center's Executive Director, Linda Torczon, assists the Director and is assisted by Danny Powell, CRPC Associate Director for Business.

Facilities Director

The Center's Facilities Director, Paul Messina, is responsible for establishing and maintaining CRPC computational facilities. He makes recommendations on purchases to the Director and oversees acquisitions once approved. In addition, the Facilities Director is responsible for ensuring that all CRPC researchers have access to the equipment required by their research.

Associate Director for Business

Danny Powell, the Center's Associate Director for Business, is responsible for the general business, financial, and administrative oversight of CRPC activities. He handles contract negotiations for the Center as well as oversight on issues dealing with intellectual property and technology transfer.

Outreach Manager

The Center's Outreach Manager, Theresa Chatman, is responsible for all internal and external communication strategies, conference and event planning, technical report publications, the center's visitor program, and contact with the general public.

Director of Education and Human Resources

Richard Tapia, the Center's Director of Education and Human Resources, is responsible for fostering and overseeing the various educational programs and programs to involve minorities and women in computational science and the activities of the Center.

Executive Committee (EC)

The Executive Committee includes each of the project directors, site managers who are not project directors, the Facilities Director, and the Director of Education and Human Resources. Each project director is responsible for management, budgeting, and financial oversight of the project. Site managers are responsible for management and financial oversight of activities at their site. The project directors and site managers all report to the Director. The Executive Committee is appointed by the Director with approval by the Institutional Oversight Committee. Paul Messina is an emeritus member of the Executive Committee.

Institutional Oversight Committee (IOC)

The Director serves at the discretion of the Institutional Oversight Committee, which consists of the Provosts of Rice University and the California Institute of Technology and appropriate administrators from Los Alamos and Argonne National Laboratories. Emeritus IOC members include David Auston, formerly of Rice University; John C. Browne from Los Alamos National Laboratory; Neal Lane, director of NSF; and Hans Ruppel, formerly of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

External Advisory Committee (EAC)

The External Advisory Committee includes prominent figures from academia, government, and industry who provide the Director with an external view of the progress, plans, and management of the Center. The EAC is appointed by the Institutional Oversight Committee. Emeritus EAC members include Bob Borchers, Bill Buzbee, Marina Chen, Carl Conti, Robert Ewald, Israel Galvan, Ruth Gonzalez, John Ingram, Anita Jones, Mal Kalos, Peter Lax, William Lester, Jr., George Nemhauser, Ken Neves, John Swanson, Martin Walker, and Bill Wulf.

Facilities Committee (FC)

The Facilities Committee consists of one or two members from each site who advise the Facilities Director, Paul Messina, in facilities planning and acquisition, and assists in making resource allocation decisions. The Facilities Committee is appointed by the Director, in consultation with the Executive Committee. Emeritus FC members include Vikram Adve, Keith Cooper, Nancy McCracken, Paul Messina, Marek Podgorny, and Jeffrey Saltzman.

Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

The Technical Steering Committee consists of the scientific leaders of the Center. The TSC is responsible for assisting the Director in developing research plans for the Center. In addition, each budgeted research activity occurs under the supervision of a member of the TSC. Hence, TSC members have financial oversight responsibilities as well as planning responsibilities. The TSC is appointed by the Director, in consultation with the Executive Committee.

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