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[Two Black Holes Collide]
Binary Black Hole Grand Challenge
[Map with Terrain]
CAPS Weather Modelling
Rice, Syracuse
[Heliosphere/Heliopause Image]
Dynamic Modeling of Solar Wind
Caltech, Los Alamos, JPL
[Large Scale SVD]
ARPACK Applications
Caltech, Rice
[Boeing Tiltrotor Image]
PDS Helps Optimize Helicopter Rotor Design
[3-D Linear Flood]
Parallel Algorithms for Modeling Flow in Permeable Media
[Airfoil Image]
Analytic Sensitivities for CFD Codes Through Automatic Differentiation
Argonne, Rice
Temperatures Image
Thermal Control of CVD Reactors in Semiconductor Processing
Argonne, Rice
For a more general list of ADIFOR and ADIC applications, see
[Beam Spectra]
The Optimal Design and Placement of Laminated Beams

The CRPC also exploits optimization in the following applications:

Large-scale Optimization

Parts Nesting and Part Clustering

TRICE: Trust-Region Interior-Point Algorithms for Optimal Control and Engineering Design Problems

{Tides Image]
Modeling Flow in Bays and Estuaries
Numerical Software Libraries
[Incompressible Flow]
Archetype-based Applications
[Pablo Logo] Pablo has been used extensively to analyze the performance of applications:
Pablo and High Performance Fortran

Pablo and the Scalable I/O Initiative

Pablo and Parallel Application Dynamics
[Infospheres Logo]
The Caltech Infospheres Project
Caltech, Indiana
[Globus Applications Logo]
Globus: Metacomputing Infrastructure for Wide Area Computation
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