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Parallel Algorithms for Physical Simulations

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Dan Meiron and Mary Wheeler (Project Directors), Kristi Brislawn, Srinivas Chippada, Joel Dendy, Joe Eaton, Carter Edwards, Ron Henderson, Bill Henshaw, Mike Holst, Herb Keller, Phil Love, Monica Martinez, Susan Minkoff, Peter Park, Dan Quinlan, Fredrik Saaf, Jeffrey Saltzman, Eric van de Velde, Andy White, Roy Williams, and Ivan Yotov.

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Abstract. The Center for Subsurface Modeling (CSM) at The University of Texas investigates high-performance parallel processing as a tool to model the behavior of fluids in permeable geologic formations, such as petroleum and natural gas reservoirs and groundwater aquifers and aquitards, and surface flow in bays and estuaries.

Using applied mathematics, engineering, physical, chemical and geological sciences and computer science, CSM is developing a general multicomponent, multiphase flow and transport simulator in order to simulate real-world problems concerning the following: groundwater contamination, resevoir management, remediation of polluted soil and aquifers, productivity of oil and gas wells, diagenesis and related geological processes. In addition this group is involved in the formulation and implementation of algorithms for the shallow water equations which are useful for modeling water environments such as coastal waters, bays and estuaries.

This interdisciplinary approach to simulation permits a more effective integration of advanced mathematical and numerical techniques with engineering applications.  

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