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Volume 5, Issue 1



  • Arpack Generates Milestone Eigenvalue Calculations
  • Corporations, CRPC Benefit From Collaborations
  • CRPC to Boost Computing Power in 1997
  • High Performance Fortran Forum Completes HPF 2.0 Specification
  • Infosphere Infrastructure Release 1.0b1 Available
  • Ken Kennedy to Co-Chair Clinton's HPCC Advisory Committee
  • CRPC Optimization Software Now Available Online
  • Panel Finds STCs Producing World-Class Research
  • 1997 CRPC Technichal Steering Committee Announced
  • CRPC Linked to National High Speed Network
  • CRPC Awards and Honors
  • Calendar

    CRPC Calendar
    of Events

    CRPC Movies

    CRPC Movies

    From The Director

    From The Director

  • Do We Need a Petaflops Initiative?
  • CRPC Resources

    CRPC Resources

  • CRPC Calendar of Events
  • CRPC Publicly Distributed Software and Other Online Information
  • New CRPC Technical Reports
  • Parallel Profile

    Parallel Profile

  • EAC Focus - Ruth Gonzalez
  • Parallel Profile - Virginia Torczon
  • EAC Focus - Paul R. Woodward
  • Research Focus

    Research Focus

  • Applying Optimization to Industrial Product Design
  • Work In Progress

    Work in Progress

  • Java for Computational Science and Engineering
  • Portable Parallel File System
  • Spotlight on Teachers

    Spotlight on Teachers

  • Spotlight on Teachers
  • Education / Outreach

    Education / Outreach

  • High School Students Take on Supercomputing Challenge

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