Corporations across the country are sponsoring and working with CRPC research groups on projects that are impacting many areas of industry and society, including petroleum exploration, environmental cleanup, health care management, and product design. Companies that provide $10,000 per year in cash or in-kind support to CRPC-related research, education, or outreach programs can become a CRPC Corporate Sponsor.

Corporate sponsors are nominated and approved by members of the CRPC Executive Committee. In addition to their beneficial collaborations with CRPC scientists, corporate sponsors are invited to attend the CRPC Tutorial/Annual Meeting and serve on a panel that will help advise the CRPC on its future directions. They can also attend CRPC workshops and receive copies of the CRPC newsletter and other publications and information of interest.

For more information on the CRPC Corporate Sponsor Program, contact Danny Powell at, 713-348-6011, or 713-348-5136 (fax).

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