CRPC-developed software and information can be obtained online from the Netlib and Softlib systems at and on the World Wide Web. Netlib provides access to software and documents of interest to the numerical analysis and scientific computing communities. The Softlib site provides access to CRPC technical reports, online versions of the CRPC brochure, all issues of this newsletter, and CRPC Rice-developed software.

The National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE) at is an online distribution system that provides a central access point for HPCC technologies and facilitates the development of discipline-oriented software repositories.

The NHSE Review at is an electronic journal that features comparative review articles written by experts on particular HPCC application and technology areas.

The NHSE, NHSE Review, Netlib, and Softlib can also be accessed through, the CRPC home page.

Netlib and Softlib are also available via Gopher at gopher:// and gopher:// sites.

In addition, anonymous ftp can be used to retrieve Netlib and Softlib files. Ftp to or, login as anonymous, and use your complete email address as the password.

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