A list of CRPC technical reports is available through Softlib. For World Wide Web access, connect to If a report is available online, its gopher address is listed. To obtain this list via email, send email to and in the message body, type send To obtain a hardcopy of the technical report list or a technical report, contact Theresa Chatman, Rice University, CRPC-MS 41, 6100 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005; (713) 285-5180, (713) 285-5136 fax; Prices are noted for hardcopy requests only.

CRPC-TR94626-Exploration of the InfoMall Concept, Geoffrey Fox, Wojtek Furmanski, Kenneth Hawick, Donald Leskiw, August 1994. Also available as SCCS-634 from the Northeast Parallel Architectures Center at Syracuse University. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR94627-High Performance Computing and Communications Glossary, Kenneth Hawick, July 1994. Also available as SCCS-629 from the Northeast Parallel Architectures Center at Syracuse University. ($4.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR94628-Distributed Computational Electromagnetic Systems, Gang Cheng, Geoffrey Fox, Kenneth Hawick, Gerald Mortensen, August 1994. Also available as SCCS-635 from the Northeast Parallel Architectures Center at Syracuse University. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR94631-An Algebraic Schwarz Theory, Michael Holst, December 1994. Also available as CRPC-94-12 from the Center for Research on Parallel Computation at the California Institute of Technology.($5.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR95632-S-Tuning the Performance of I/O Intensive Parallel Applications, Anurag Acharya, Robert Bennett, Michael Beynon, Jeff Hollingsworth, Assaf Mendelson, Joel Saltz, Alan Sussman, Mustafa Uysal, October 1995. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR95634-S-Using Automatic Differentiation with the Quasi-Procedural Method for Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, Steve Altus, Christian Bischof, Paul Hovland, Ilan Kroo, October 1995. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR95635-S-Operator Strength Reduction, Keith Cooper, Taylor Simpson, Christopher Vick, October 1995. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR95636-S-SCC-Based Value Numbering, Keith Cooper, Taylor Simpson, October 1995. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR95637-S-Value-Driven Code Motion, Keith Cooper, Taylor Simpson, October 1995. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR96640-An Approach to Parallelizing Isotonic Regression, Anthony Kearsly, Richard Tapia, Michael Trosset, January 1996. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR96641-S-Two-Stage Preconditioners for Inexact Newton Methods in Multi-Phase Reservoir Simulation, Hector Klie, Marcelo Rame, Mary Wheeler, January 1996. ($3.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR96642-Users' Experience with ADIFOR 2.0, Christian Bischof, Alan Carle, February 1996. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR96643-Improving Derivative Performance for CFD Using Simplified Recurrences, Alan Carle, Mike Fagan, March 1996. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR96644-Efficient Call Graph Analysis, Mary Hall, Ken Kennedy, March 1996. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR96645-S-Numerical Computation of the Linear Stability of the Diffusion Model for Crystal Growth Simulation, Daniel Meiron, Daniel Sorensen, Elizabeth Wedeman, Chao Yang, March 1996. ($2.00); gopher://

CRPC-TR96647-Hierarchical Approaches to Automatic Differentiation, Christian Bischof, Mohammad Haghighat, April 1996. ($2.00); gopher://

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