In a meeting held at Rice University December 9 - 11, the High Performance Fortran Forum (HPFF) committee resolved the final technical aspects of producing the High Performance Fortran Language Specification, version 2.0. The specification is now available from

Significant changes from older versions of HPF include

Rice University's Chuck Koelbel, a CRPC researcher who has been involved with the HPFF since its inception in 1992, commented, "This new version of HPF adds a lot of features that many people have requested. I have high hopes that this will lead to a broader acceptance of HPF for real applications. In fact, we're seeing good progress in that area already."

Part of this progress will be on display at the HPF User Group meeting, scheduled for Feb. 24 - 26 in Santa Fe, NM. The meeting will include 26 invited and contributed talks by HPF users and developers, a panel session to inform vendors of user needs, poster sessions, and receptions. The meeting is being co-sponsored by the CRPC, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and several vendors. For more information, see http://www.lanl.gov/HPF/.

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