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Alphabetical Listing of All Educational Outreach Programs

Computers: The Machines, Science, People and Careers!

This annual two-day program at the California Institute of Technology offers more than 100 minority high school students a stimulating firsthand exposure to problems and issues in computer science. The event serves to demystify and humanize scientific research and to give students new insights into career opportunities awaiting them in science, engineering, and mathematics.

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Course Development

CRPC sites are active in designing and implementing new academic programs in parallel computation. Argonne National Laboratory, Caltech, Rice University, Syracuse University, the University of Maryland, the University of Tennessee, and the University of Texas have developed a variety of parallel programming courses. Rice University, Syracuse University, and the University of Tennessee offer computational science and engineering programs for graduate students. All CRPC sites foster the publication and dissemination of educational materials and software on an ongoing basis.

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Expanding Your Horizons in Math and Science Conference (EYH)

The CRPC at Rice University provides participant financial support and presenters for this annual conference, organized by the West Harris County Branch of the American Association of University Women. Approximately 500 middle-school girls and their teachers attend math and science workshops presented by women who specialize in these fields.

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Girl Games Project

CRPC researchers at Rice University are working with Girl Games, Inc. to develop interactive software that appeals to girls. In an initial exploratory study, 30 secondary school girls rated existing games and expressed their preferences. Based on the findings, small teams of girls are working with multimedia specialists to develop software that fills their needs and addresses their interests.

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This program teaches K-12 mathematics, science, and computer literacy teachers how to effectively incorporate computer technology into the classroom. During an intensive training session, male and female teachers also learn how to encourage more young women to pursue careers in mathematics and science.

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Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness Workshop

Offered at Rice University, this annual five-day workshop gives K-12 mathematics and science teachers, principals, and counselors an understanding of the current issues in mathematics and computational science. Rice faculty members, scientists, and industrial participants associated with the CRPC discuss such topics as major research areas, the job market, and minority issues.

Minorities Teachers Computational Sciences and Graphics Awareness Program

High school teachers from schools with large minority enrollments in Los Angeles and Pasadena, California attend an annual five-day session at Caltech to learn about the most recent developments and opportunities in the areas of concurrent computing and graphics. The teachers use this information to motivate their students to consider career opportunities in science and engineering.

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Research Experiences for Undergraduates

At Syracuse University, the CRPC offers talented students research opportunities in high-performance computing. Students work closely with staff researchers and faculty at the CRPC and Syracuse University, learning project formulation, methodology, solution, and interpretation of results.

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Retooling the Supercomputing Community for Scalable Parallelism

This project is an NSF Metacenter Regional Alliance program designed to provide professional trainers at the supercomputing center sites with up-to-date curricular materials and training in the use of parallel programming tools and methods. Available electronically, this information is disseminated at supercomputer training courses and workshops nationwide.

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South-Central Computational Science in Minority Institutions Consortium (SC-COSMIC)

With roots in Argonne National Laboratory initiatives, the South-Central Computational Science in Minority Institutions Consortium (SC-COSMIC) was formally established by the CRPC and the University of Houston-Downtown to create a virtual electronic educational community among students, faculty, administrators, researchers, and industrial associates. The project promotes state-of-the-art science and math education, enables distance learning, shares research, and provides access to online resources.

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Spend a Summer with a Scientist (SaS)

This Rice University program provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in university research, motivating them to attend or continue graduate school in science, mathematics, or engineering. Most of the past participants in this program are either currently enrolled in graduate school or planning to apply.

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Summer Research Programs in Computing for Women and Minorities

The California Institute of Technology offers two summer programs for undergraduate women and minorities, in which students in computer science and mathematics spend two to three months working on research projects with Caltech scientists. The students are intimately involved in leading-edge computational research using parallel computers. Stimulated by this environment, the participants often continue their education through graduate school.

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The Rice School/La Escuela Rice

Developed by the Houston Independent School District with the assistance of the CRPC, this model K-8 school features a curriculum that emphasizes dual-language development, technology, accelerated educational programs, and collaborative learning in small clusters. The school houses approximately 1,275 students and 70 teachers.

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The Syracuse University Living Schoolbook Project

The Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC) is involved in the Living Schoolbook Project, a program developed in conjunction with the School of Education at Syracuse University to integrate state-of-the-art computerized educational resources into K-12 curricula. The Living Schoolbook creates a unique learning environment that enables teachers and students to use educational resources on multimedia information servers, supercomputers, parallel databases, and network testbeds. Kids Web, an Internet directory for children that presents information targeted at the K-12 level, is part of the Living Schoolbook Project.

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The South-Texas Milby Project

Summer Intern Program

June 15 - June 20, 1997

This program is part of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Biologiocal Scineces Educational Program, a grant under the direction of Dr. Frederick B. Rudolph, and is also supported by the Center For Research on Parallel Computation under outreach activities of Dr. Richard Tapia.

Last year for the first time, 16 students and 2 sponsors from the Milby Institute (the magnet science program at Milby High School) joined the group of 32 students and 4 sponsors from the Science Academy of South Texas who have been visiting Rice for about two weeks each of the past few summers under the sponsorship of the HHMI grant. This year, it was decided to separate the two groups due to differing needs and interests. The Milby students will be living on campus in one of the Residential Colleges during their visit. The students who come to Rice are women and minority students; approximately half have completed their sophomore year, and half have completed their junior year. They are interested in pursuing math, science, or engineering in college; several of them will apply for admission to Rice. The purpose of the visit is to expose the students to the "college experience" and to give them an idea of what the various science and engineering fields are all about. During their stay they attend lectures and lab tours conducted by faculty and graduate students, as well as going on "field trips" to Baylor College of Medicine and to the University of Houston Virtual Environment Technology Laboratory. They also attend daily Communications Workshops conducted by Dr. Linds Driskill or other instructors which teach the students effective writing and public speaking skills necessary for the college application process, and daily Mathematics Workshops coducted by Dr. Tapia'a Spend a Summer With a Scientist students. Many of the students who were participants in the program last year commented that the internship was extremely valuablen in increasing their desire to attend college and their interest in science and engineering, as well as preparing them for what to expect once they begin their college studies.

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