Welcome to the SC-COSMIC home page. For more information on SC-COSMIC, contact Richard Aló (, SC-COSMIC President and Principal Investigator.

SC-COSMIC 98 -- Steering Minority Education for the 21st Century (June 25, 1998) and ADMI 98 -- Assessment and Vision (June 26-28, 1998) to be held at Duncan Hall, Rice University

What is SC-COSMIC?

In January of 1995, an independent school district, a community college, and a group of minority universities and colleges from the south-central United States met at the University of Houston-Downtown to form the South-Central Computational Science in Minority Institutions Consortium (SC-COSMIC). With support from the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC), SC-COSMIC members work together to strengthen and reform K-16 math and science education and promote computational science education and research. To accomplish these goals, SC-COSMIC members share their unique resources and expertise in curricula reform, interactive learning, multimedia materials, remote databases, and supercomputing.

SC-COSMIC recently submitted to the National Science Foundation a proposal that would provide the necessary broad-scale, systematic network infrastructure to (1) support computational science education reform, (2) disseminate curricula reflecting current advances in computational science, (3) disseminate interactive multimedia learning materials and advanced technologies to K-14 classrooms, and (4) provide services, technical assistance and connectivity among consortium institutions.

For more information on SC-COSMIC, contact Richard Aló (, President and Principal Investigator, or Chenyi Hu (, Co-Principal Investigator and Curriculum Coordinator.

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Members & Affiliates

SC-COSMIC consists of major research institutions, minority universities and colleges, community colleges, and independent school districts in the south and central United States. Current members include

The Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC) is officially an educational affiliate, and there will be more educational and industrial affiliates to come.

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SC-COSMIC is lead by an executive committee and its advisory board:

Executive Committee

Advisory Board

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How to Become a Member

To become a member of SC-COSMIC, please contact President Richard Aló (, Vice-President Mudapu Balaram (, or Secretary J. D. Oliver (

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The Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CRPC) is an SC-COSMIC educational affiliate.

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