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3 Klein staff members to attend GirlTECH training

From: Houston Chronicle, July 27, 1997

Three staff members of the Klein Independent School District will attend the GirlTECH training for two weeks this summer.

GirlTECH is sponsored annually for 20 teachers by the Center For Research on Parallel Computation of Rice University.

Klein personnel attending will be Marilyn Turmelle, a computer science teacher of Klein Oak High School, Roslyn Harris, a teacher at Eiland Elementary School; and Barbara Camp, a student services officer of the district.

During the two-week training, participants will receive intensive computer technology training from master teachers preparing them to become leaders in educational technology.

In addition to instruction in Parallel Computation, the workshop will lead teachers to explore the use of the Internet and innovative teaching strategies to increase gender equity in computer use and access.

Participants also will learn to use technology in the classroom in ways that are appealing to girls. After the training, the participants will form an electronic support group dulling the coming school year.

Participants will be introduced to women engaged in science, engineering and mathematics careers whose lives can become examples for their students. Ultimately, the participants want to encourage more young women to pursue careers in mathematics and science.

Turmelle anticipates learning strategies to from GirlTECH to increase the interest the interest of female students in mathematics, science, and technology. Once she has learned the strategies from others, she will focus on attracting female students to her computer science classes. She wants young women to be prepared to enter the world of technology.

Harris said, "I am looking forward to participating in the CRPC teacher training program this summer. I hope to take away from this training a broader knowledge of interactive technology. I want to apply this new knowledge to nourish the technological hunger that exists in our kids today. Proper application of technology is the key component that will allow our students to ride the wave of technology into the twenty-first century."

Camp is pleased three Klein employees will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge of technology applications in this workshop. She said, "The GirlTECH workshop will give Klein an opportunity to participate in the evolving world of research and applied technology focusing on advanced computation and computer science. This training will enable our teachers to increase student confidence in their ability to succeed in computational science careers."

Rice University is one of seven CRPC sites in the United States. The CRPC sites are associated with the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Centers. The GirlTECH program has directly trained 40 teachers since it began two years ago. More than 1,000 greater-Houston area teachers, including teachers from Klein, have been trained indirectly through the GirlTECH program.

Cynthia Lanius is the GirlTECH Program Manager at Rice. She has been honored by the Students and Teachers Achieving Recognition Society for of the National Education and Technology Alliance as a STAR honoree for her use of the Internet in her mathematics classes in the Houston Independent School District.

Richard Tapia, Noah Harding Professor of Computational and Applied Mathematics at Rice University, is the Director of Education and Minority Programs, CRPC. He stressed that the importance of programs like GirlTECH when he said, "No first-world nation can maintain the health of its economy or society when such a large part of its population remains outside all scientific and technological activity."

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