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Awareness shared...a life redirected

The annual "Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness Workshop" offered at Rice University gives K-12 mathematics and science teachers, principals, and counselors an understanding of the current issues and careers available in mathematics and computational science. Here teachers exchange ideas at The Rice School/La Escuela Rice during a workshop session. Other successful CRPC awareness workshops include Caltech's "Minorities Teachers Computational Sciences and Graphics Awareness Program" and "Computers: The Machines, Science, People and Careers!" Rice University also provides participant financial support and presenters for the American Association of University Women-sponsored "Expanding Your Horizons in Math and Science Conference."
The CRPC project entitled "Retooling the Supercomputing Community for Scalable Parallelism" (the "Retooling Project") is an NSF Metacenter Regional Alliance program designed to provide professional trainers at the supercomputer center sites with up-to-date curricular materials and training in the use of parallel programming tools and methods. Available electronically, this information is disseminated at supercomputer training courses and workshops nationwide.

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