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Providing an HPF Interface to ScaLAPACK

R. Clint Whaley

Presented at the 1997 CRPC Annual Meeting Poster Session

It can be argued that the long-term success of HPF will be at least partly determined by the availability of portable libraries. In areas such as linear algebra, compiler techniques alone are unlikely to provide HPF users with maximal performance in the near future. Indeed, present serial compilers do not capture this kind of optimality without significant user attention.

Libraries should provide the HPF user with the kinds of functionality expected in the serial world. If these libraries are actually HPF wrappers on top of hand-tuned message passing libraries, similar optimality may also be obtained.

This is therefore our motivation for providing HPF wrappers for ScaLAPACK, our linear algebra message passing library. This poster will summarize our present work, and some of the issues and concerns it has raised.