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CRPC Education Programs Strengthen Impact of World-Class Research

Richard Tapia

Presented at the 1997 CRPC Annual Meeting Poster Session

A quality education program must complement a world-class research organization if the research is to be meaningful to the generations applying the research findings.

Beginning at Rice University in 1989 with a growing cadre of CRPC researchers, faculty members, graduate students, and industrial affiliates who reach students from kindergarten through adult education, the CRPC educational outreach program has, in less than a decade, trained and encouraged more than 750 students and 700 teachers in math, science, and computer science education and careers. These students and teachers have in turn impacted thousands of U.S. students who represent the full spectrum and diversity of our population.

At the same time the Rice-based educational programs grew in number and numbers impacted, the concept of what a diverse population might represent and who should be considered "underrepresented" has changed.

CRPC education programs have been nationally recognized. Several Rice-initiated programs will be exported to other regions as national models in the near future.