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The NEOS Server

Jorge Moré

Presented at the 1997 CRPC Annual Meeting Poster Session

The NEOS (Network-Enabled Optimization System) Server is a novel environment for solving optimization problems over the Internet. Users submit problems via email, a Web browser, or the newly developed NEOS submission tool. The NEOS Server links with the appropriate solver and returns the solution. Users only need to submit a specification of the problem. The NEOS Server provides all other information; in particular, nonlinear problems have derivatives and sparsity patterns computed with automatic differentiation tools.

Version 2.0 of the NEOS Server at URL

incorporates a new look, new interfaces, and new solvers. Of particular interest among the solvers:

  • LANCELOT - nonlinearly constrained optimization problems
  • PATH - mixed nonlinear complementarity problems
  • PCx - linear programming
  • L-BFGS-B - large-scale bound-constrained optimization problems

The NEOS Server is the computational server for the NEOS Guide at URL

which has extensive information on optimization (algorithms, software, FAQ, case studies,...).

We provide an overview of the Server, discussing the design and implementation of the NEOS Server.

NEOS is a project of the Optimization Technology Center (Argonne National Laboratory and Northwestern University).