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It may still be winter, but summer is right around the corner and application deadlines for the CRPC's summer educational programs are approaching fast. Many of the CRPC's educational efforts take place in the summer, when both students and teachers can devote more time to extracurricular enhancement. For undergraduate and graduate students, there are programs that provide opportunities to work on independent research projects under the guidance of faculty, graduate, and postdoctoral mentors. For high school educators, the CRPC offers workshops to build awareness of center-related areas. The following is a list of programs with upcoming deadlines. If you are interested in getting information or applying to any of these programs, contact information is included below.

  • "Spend a Summer with a Scientist" Program at Rice University

    Already in its sixth year, the "Spend a Summer with a Scientist" (SaS) program provides valuable research experience in a supportive environment to undergraduate and graduate students from underrepresented minorities groups. The program exposes students to research and motivates them to attend graduate school in science, mathematics, or engineering. For a three-month period, SaS participants work with CRPC researchers, computational science researchers from five different departments at Rice, and researchers from the Keck Center for Computational Biology (a collaboration between Rice, the Baylor College of Medicine, and the University of Houston). Participants receive stipends based on need. The deadline for application is April 29, 1994. For more information and application materials, contact Theresa Chatman, CRPC, Rice University, 6100 South Main Street, Houston, TX 77005; 713-285-5180; 713-285-5136 fax; tlc@cs.rice.edu .

  • Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program at Syracuse University

    Students in all majors are invited to apply to the Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program at Syracuse University. The program offers promising students training and experience in high- performance computing as well as a formative research experience similar to graduate study. Students work closely with staff researchers and faculty at the CRPC and Syracuse University, improving their knowledge of parallel architectures and gaining experience in research project formulation, methodology, solution, and interpretation of results. Participants receive a stipend of $2,500, plus full room and board for a 10-week period that begins June 5, 1994. The deadline for applications is March 15, 1994. Applications should include a resume, academic transcript, letters of recommendation from two faculty members, and an autobiographical essay. The essay should include brief descriptions of previous computing experience, areas of academic interest, possible research projects (if known), and tentative careers plans. Applications and requests for information should be sent to REU Program 1994, NPAC, Syracuse University, 111 College Place, Syracuse, NY 13244. Notification of intent to apply can be sent electronically to reu info@npac.syr.edu . Phone inquiries can be made to Donna McCammon at 315-443-4739.

  • Minorities Teachers Computational Sciences and Graphics Awareness Program at Caltech

    High school teachers from various Los Angeles- and Pasadena-area schools with large underrepresented minority enrollments are invited to participate in the four-day "Minorities Teachers Computational Science and Graphics Awareness Program" at Caltech. Participants will attend a week of research presentations and demonstrations by some of the world's leaders in the fields of parallel computing and computer graphics about the progress and opportunities in these fields. The workshop also includes visits to the Caltech Concurrent Supercomputer Facilities and other advanced Caltech laboratories. Teachers who participate in the program receive a $500 honorarium. To apply, contact JoAnn Boyd, CRPC, Caltech 217-50, Pasadena, CA 91125; 818-395-4562; 818 -683-3549 fax; joann@sunshine.caltech.edu .

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