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Request for Public Comment on High Performance Fortran

Charles Koelbel, HPFF Executive Director, Rice University

Invitation to the High Performance Computing Community

The High Performance Fortran Forum (HPFF), with participation from more than 40 organizations, has been meeting for the last ten months to discuss and define a set of extensions to Fortran called High Performance Fortran (HPF). Our goal is to address the problems of writing data parallel programs for architectures where the distribution of data impacts performance. While we hope that the HPF extensions become widely available, HPFF is not sanctioned or supported by any official standards organization. At this time, HPFF invites general public review comments on version 1.0 of the language.

How to Get the Documents

Electronic copies of the HPF language specification are available from numerous sources.

Anonymous FTP sources:		Directory:  

titan.cs.rice.edu public/HPFF/draft think.com public/HPFF ftp.gmd.de hpf-europe softlib.rice.edu pub/HPF/ theory.tc.cornell.edu pub minerva.npac.syr.edu public

Email sources: First line of message:

netlib@research.att.com send hpf-v10.ps from hpff netlib@ornl.gov send hpf-v10.ps from hpf softlib@cs.rice.edu send hpf-v10.ps

The following formats are available. Note: not all formats are available from all sources.

hpf-v10.dvi			DVI file 
hpf-v10.ps			Postscript 
hpf-v10.ps.Z			Compressed Postscript 
hpf-v10.tar			Tar file of LaTeX version 
hpf-v10.tar.Z			Compressed tar file 

For more detailed instructions, send email to hpff-info@cs.rice.edu . This will return a message with expanded detail about accessing the above document sources, as well as other information about HPFF.

We strongly encourage reviewers to obtain an electronic copy of the document. However, if electronic access is impossible, the draft is also available in hard copy form as CRPC Technical Report #92225. This report is available for $50 (copying/handling fee) from: Theresa Chatman, CITI/CRPC, 6100 South Main Street, Rice University, Houston, TX 77005. Make checks payable to Rice University. This document will be sent surface mail unless additional airmail postage is included in the payment.

How to Submit Comments

HPFF encourages reviewers to submit comments as soon as possible, with a deadline of March 9 for consideration. Please send comments by email to hpff- comments@cs.rice.edu . To facilitate the processing of comments we request that separate comment messages be submitted for each chapter of the document and that the chapter be clearly identified in the "Subject:" line of the message. Comments about general overall impressions of the HPF document should be labeled as Chapter 1. All comments on the language specification become the property of Rice University. If email access is impossible for comment responses, hard copy may be sent to: HPF Comments, c/o Theresa Chatman, CITI/CRPC, 6100 South Main Street, Rice University, Houston, TX 77005. An effort will be made to reply to comments submitted.

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