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CRPC to Exhibit Latest Research Developments and Programs at SC97

CRPC research, applications, knowledge transfer methods, and educational outreach programs will be represented with demonstrations, videos, handouts, and presentations at SC97. The 10th annual high-performance computing and communications conference and exhibit will be held November 15-21 at the San Jose Convention Center in California.

Visitors to the CRPC booth (#R214) will have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of research projects, including ADIFOR, the D System, the Globus Project, High Performance Commodity Technology Based Computing, High Performance Fortran, the National HPCC Software Exchange, Netsolve, Web-based Education, and more.

A daily schedule of demonstrations, presentations, and videos will be posted at the booth and on the CRPC SC97 showcase.

CRPC Director Ken Kennedy is one of four supercomputing experts who have been invited to present a "State of the Field" talk at SC97, a new conference event. He will present "Programming Support Software for High Performance Computers," including runtime libraries, compiler parallelization, memory hierarchy management, interprocedural analysis and optimization, and program construction and management systems. The talk is scheduled for Wednesday, November 19 at 10:00 a.m. See the HPCWire news archive.

Kennedy and other CRPC researchers will have a strong presence in the SC97 Technical Program, taking part in many tutorials, posters, and technical paper presentations. Several CRPC sites and affiliated sites, including Caltech, Indiana University, International Business Machines (IBM), National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI), and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

In addition, Carl Kesselman of Caltech is also involved in the Globus work demoed by Ian Foster of ANL in the CRPC Booth. Caltech is demoing in their booth the airshed problem-solving environment running on a network of Pentiums. See http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/pseware/ and http://www.eng.uci.edu/~maeadmin/Faculty/dabdub/dd1.html.

For information on CRPC participation in the SC97 Education Program, see "Spotlight on Teachers," this issue.

For specific information about CRPC events at SC97, refer to the CRPC "Roadmap of Events" in this issue.

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