Photo Gallery Two

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ADMI Meeting
Antonio Ruiz, UH-D Student

Robert Powell of the Practical Science Institute

Ramòn Vàsquez-Espinosa, University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez

Suzanne Peterson, Microsoft Program Manager of Curriculum Programs

Richard Aló

Richard Aló

Left to right: Ash Rehman, HISD High School teacher and Jeffrey Derry, HISD High School teacher

Johnny Houston, Elizabeth State University, North Carolina

Ariel Mirles presents "The ItaLiCS Environment and the Car Component"

Left to right: Unidentified attendee and Jesus Azcarraga, UH-D undergrad CS student

Bonnita Ellis, Assistant Professor, City Colleges of Chicago

Left to right: Olga Beiza, UH-D undergraduate math major; and Maria Mata, UH-D undergraduate computer science major

Cassandra McZeal, Rice SaS Student

ADMI Hopwood Panel
Leonel Castillo, Education Coordinator, City of Houston

Lawrence Oliver

(This and below image) During the ADMI Assessment and Vision Symposium, Judge Dickson of IBM Corporation; Leonel Castillo, Education Coordinator, City of Houston; Mark Palmer, University of Oklahoma, member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma; and Michael Carroll, Dean of Engineering, Rice University, spoke about the impact of anti-affirmative action legislation on the technical workforce in the 21st century.


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