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Mathematical and Computational Sciences Awareness Workshop

CEEE - Center for Excellence and Equity in Education

Recognizing that educators have an important influence in the direction of their students' lives, Richard Tapia, Noah Harding Professor of computational and applied mathematics at Rice University and CEEE Director of Human Resources and Education, and Cynthia Lanius, CEEE Executive Director, conducts annual workshops for K-12 mathematics and science teachers, principals, and counselors. The goal is to enable them to teach and counsel with increased authority and effectiveness through an understanding of today's mathematical and computational sciences world. This year's MCSA participants also will attend CEEE's GirlTECH held during the same 2 weeks.

Topics that are addressed in MCSA include

  • The role of mathematics and computational science in today's and tomorrow's world
  • The United States' position in productivity and research relative to foreign countries'
  • The scarcity of American graduate students in mathematics and science
  • The job market in science, engineering, and mathematics
  • Minority issues, such as the lack of minority representation, opportunities for minorities, and techniques for counseling, motivating, and teaching minorities
  • Teacher Web Training Program, you will...

Be provided with year-long Rice University Internet accounts and software needed for Internet access;

  • Receive intensive computer technology training from Master Teachers, especially in the use of the Internet;
  • Explore diversity issues in the computational sciences through presentations and group discussions
  • Learn to utilize online resources as a research, teaching, and collaboration tool;
  • Create your own homepage and design and publish Web-based math and science curriculum;
  • Gain an awareness of the latest research in the computational sciences and hear from business and industry leaders about their expectations of students for the twenty first century;
  • Become a member of program's ongoing teachers' technology electronic support group that communicates throughout the year;
  • Establish a student technology project on your campus to ensure a transfer of knowledge from you to your students; and
  • Make a one-year commitment to advanced training (a Saturday session) and to an integration of technology into your teaching practices.

To learn more about MCSA, contact Cynthia Lanius, CEEE Program Director, at

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These pages were developed through GirlTECH , a teacher training program sponsored by the Center for Excellence and Equity in Education (CEEE) with support from the National Science Foundation through EOT-PACI.

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