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4th Annual Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS4)
Call For Posters

June 16-19, 1998
Rice University

If you are a graduate student and would like to participate in the poster session, please send by email your title, affiliation and full abstract (approximately 100-150 words) NO LATER THAN MAY 15th to:

William A. Massey
Phone: 908-582-3225
Note: Please send your title and abstract as a regular TEXTFILE. If your abstract includes mathematical formulas, please write them as TEX (see the sample below). The poster session will be held the evening of Wednesday, JUNE 17 at Rice University. Materials such as poster boards, push pins, tape, etc. will be PROVIDED there. You only need to bring the mathematics (exposition, formulas, and graphs). We look forward to seeing you this summer!!


  1. Poster boards will be 30" by 40".
  2. You will be explaining your posters to the other attendees of the conference.
  3. Make panels (8 1/2" by 11" sheets of paper preferably) that can be tacked up onto the board provided. This will make it easier to set-up and transport the poster.
  4. Your panels will consist of:
    • Exposition (things like an overview, definitions, statement of goals, statement of results, etc.).
    • Formulas (SLITEX if available, is a nice way to do them, but in general just make sure that the fontsize for your exposition and formulas in the poster panels are at least twice as big as for a paper you would publish).
    • Graphs (if your talk lends itself to that).
    • Pictures (diagrams and illustrations are always a plus).
  5. Your poster must be prepared and ready to go by 5pm on June 17. Be sure to contact Theresa Chatman upon arrival in order to make the necessary arrangements. Theresa can be reached by phone at 713-285-5180 or by email as



Terry Gauss Newton
Department of Mathematics
University of Hilbert Space

We prove a conjecture of Thurston on tiling a certain triangular region $T_{3N+1}$ of the hexagonal lattice with three-in-line (``tribone'') tiles. It asserts that for all packings of $T_{3N+1}$ with tribones leaving exactly one uncovered cell, the uncovered cell must be the central cell. Furthermore, there are exactly $2^{N}$ such packings. This exact counting result is analogous to closed formulae for the number of allowable configurations in certain exactly solved models in statistical mechanics, and implies that the configurational entropy (per site) of tiling $T_{3N+1}$ with tribones with one defect tends to 0 as $N \rightarrow \infty$. [

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