April Workshop to Explore Computational Aerosciences in the 21st Century

CRPC researchers and other leading scientists will meet at a workshop this spring to share new and emerging ideas on faster ways to conduct complex, multidisciplinary numerical simulations for the aerospace industry. The workshop will be held April 22 - 24, 1998 at the Radisson Hotel in Hampton, Virginia.

The role of computational simulations in aerospace design has steadily increased over the last decade. Large-scale computations have become prevalent in aeronautical, atmospheric, and space research. However, significant and revolutionary advances in design are limited by the time and expense required to carry out these parametric computations. The workshop will focus on the latest developments for increasing the speed of simulation setup, surface definition, gridding, runtime, and post-processing. Researchers will also discuss and examine emerging methodologies that are not currently viable but could become so within the next 20 years.

The workshop will include the following five sessions:

The workshop is sponsored by the Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering (ICASE), NASA Langley Research Center, the National Science Foundation, and the Army Research Office. CRPC researchers from Argonne National Laboratory, Caltech, ICASE, and Syracuse University are participating. For more information, see http://www.icase.edu/workshops/CAS21st.html.

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