June 16-19 Conference to Highlight African-American Research in Mathematical Sciences

African-American researchers and students from universities and laboratories across the country will present current work in mathematical sciences at the 4th Annual Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences (CAARMS4). Hosted by the CRPC, this year's conference will take place June 16-19 at Rice University.

In addition to showcasing leading-edge projects, CAARMS4 serves to strengthen the discipline of mathematical sciences by encouraging the participation of underrepresented groups. The conference also facilitates collaborations and working relationships between presenters and attendees to enhance their studies and careers.

CAARMS4 will kick off with a welcoming reception and conference preview on the evening of June 16. Activities for the remaining days include 12 talks, five tutorials, a graduate student poster session, and a banquet featuring a keynote address by Dr. Luther S. Williams of the National Science Foundation.

The conference organizers are Dr. William A. Massey of Bell Laboratories; Lucent Technologies; and Dr. Richard A.Tapia, Dr. Pamela J. Williams, and Computational and Applied Mathematics graduate students Cassandra M. McZeal and Donald C. Williams of the CRPC at Rice University.

Dr. Tapia, Dr. Pamela Williams, and Donald Williams are among 18 mathematics experts on the agenda at the conference. Dr. Tapia will discuss the use of Newton's method for finding eigenvalues of symmetric matrices. In her talk, Dr. Pamela Williams will discuss finite termination techniques in interior-point methods for linear programming. Donald Williams will give a tutorial on LaTEX, a system for typesetting documents that is highly popular in the scientific and academic communities. The purpose of the tutorial will be to introduce conference attendees to the power of the software package and familiarize them with basic LaTEX commands.

For more information about the conference, please contact Theresa Chatman, CRPC Manager of Outreach Programs, at 713/285-5180 or tlc@rice.edu, or see http://www.crpc.rice.edu/CRPC/CAARMS4/.

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