Spend a Summer with a Scientist

Application for Admission

The Center for Research on Parallel Computation
A National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center

Rice University

Please use your Web browser to print this form, then complete and mail to Theresa Chatman, Manager of Outreach Programs, Center for Research on Parallel Computation, Rice University - MS 41, 6100 Main Street, Houston, TX 77005. Along with this application, include your resume, a letter of recommendation, and a brief summary of your interest in this program. The deadline for application to the 1999 Spend a Summer with a Scientist program is April 15, 1999. The Spend a Summer with a Scientist (SaS) program runs May 17 through August 13, 1999. Applicants will be notified regarding their acceptance during the first week of May 1999.

Full Legal Name: ________________________________________________________________________
                       last name        first name     middle name        maiden name

Permanent Address: ______________________________________________________________________
                      number   street   apt         city          state      zip code

Permanent Phone Number(s): ______________________________________________________________

Social Security Number: _________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ________________  Ethnicity*: _________________________  Sex: M ___ F ___
                                 *If Hispanic, please specify whether you are Mexican      
                                 American, Puerto Rican (mainland or island), or other.

Your School & Classification: ___________________________________________________________

School Address: _________________________________________________________________________
                    number     street           city           state         zip code

School Phone Number(s): _________________________________________________________________

Note: Please attach a transcript and a short resume listing your current classification (i.e., freshman, sophomore), academic major, grade point average, mathematics and computer science courses completed, computing experience, programming languages used, and previous related work experience, if any.

Also include one letter of recommendation from a faculty member and a brief summary explaining what kind of project you are interested in and why.

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