DoD HPC Users Group Meeting
Photo Gallery One

Admiral Paul Gaffney, Chief of Naval Research

Left to right: Gina Goff, Robert Fowler and Alan Carle, all of Rice University, at Houston Museum of Natural Science

N. Radhakrishnan, Director of ITL at CEWES

David Auston, Provost, Rice

Steve Schneller, SRCAP, Chair

Tom Dunn, Director, High Performance Computer Modernization Program

Left to right: Phil Bording, Brad Comes at Houston Museum of Natural Science

Left to right: EJ Grabert, Virginia To

Left to right: Bryan Tabor (in blue), Jay Boisseau

Left to right: Don Johnson, Louis Turcotte, Anoop Gupta

Left to right: Don Johnson, Geoffrey Fox, Anoop Gupta

Left: Louis Turcotte

Left to right: Eleanor Schroeder, Joe MacCaffery, and Margaret Simmons

Left to right: Lennart Johnson and Ruth Prachter

Left to right: Joe MacCaffery, Eleanor Schroeder, George Heburn, and Trey White (green shirt)

Left to right: Polly Baker and N. Radhakrishnan

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