Large Scale SVD for 3-D Reconstruction of Images from 2-D Projections Through Analysis of Projections from Electron Micrographs

The project involves the identification and classification of 2-dimensional electron micrograph images of biological macromolecules and the subsequent generation of the corresponding high resolution 3-D images. The underlying algorithm is based upon the statistical technique of principle component analysis. An SVD of the data set is performed to extract the largest singular vectors which are then used in the classification procedure.


Description: 26 Å map of HSV-1 A capsid reconstructed from 140 particles selected from 400-kV spot-scan electron micrographs of the A-capsids of HSV-1 embedded in vitreous ice. A-capsid has a triangulation number of 16. Each of the 60 asymmetric units consists of one penton subunit, one P-hexon, one C-hexon, half an E-hexon, and six types of connecting triplexes (Ta, Tb. Tc, Td, Te, and 1/3 Tf). The top inserts show a computationally isolated hexon (blue), penton (yellow) and triplex (pink).