Richard Tapia Nominated to National Science Board
and Named Hispanic Engineer of the Year


President Clinton has announced his intention to nominate Richard Tapia, CRPC Director of Human Resources and Education, to the National Science Board (NSB). The NSB is the governing body of the National Science Foundation and has 24 members who are appointed by the president with the advice and consent of the Senate. Members serve six-year rotating terms, and eight members are appointed every two years. NSB members recommend broad national policies for promoting basic research and education in the sciences and engineering. Tapia is one of three nominees Clinton announced on Friday.

Tapia has also been named the 1996 Hispanic Engineer of the Year by Hispanic Engineer Magazine. Boasts colleague and friend Michael Carroll, Dean of Rice University's School of Engineering,

"This prestigious and thoroughly well-merited honor is indeed further evidence of the high esteem in which Richard is held by his peers. I extend my heartiest congratulations to Richard for being the first academician ever to receive this award."
Richard will accept his award at the Hispanic Engineer National Achievement Awards Conference, to be held in Houston on October 12, 1996.

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Posted August 7, 1996.