The First SC-COSMIC Student Conference
on Computational Sciences

October 20-22, 1995
University of Houston-Downtown
Houston, Texas

To promote computational science education and research at minority institutions in the south and central United States, the Center for Research on Parallel Computation at Rice University and SC-COSMIC (South and Central Computational Science in Minority Institutions Consortium) are jointly organizing the First SC-COSMIC Student Conference on Computational Science. The Student Conference will be held from October 20-22, 1995, at the University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, Texas.

Students from SC-COSMIC member institutions are welcome to submit abstracts of their research projects on computational science and engineering and their applications to the conference for presentations. Recent graduates may also submit the results of their student research projects. Abstracts should report research performed by students. If the project was directed by a faculty member, then the text of the abstract should be approved by the faculty advisor.

Financial support for students may be available pending the approval of federal agencies.

To become a member of SC-COSMIC, please contact the elected officers Chairman Richard Alo'(, or Vice-Chairman Mudapu Balaram (, or Secretary J. D. Oliver (

Papers from all areas of computational science and engineering and their applications are acceptable. The program committee will review and evaluate papers from graduates and undergraduates separately for appropriateness of content and presentation. SC-COSMIC faculty members who have worked with K-12 students are strongly encouraged to recommend and to direct K-12 students to submit their work for presentation. Mini-symposiums on specific areas may be organized according to paper submission.

In addition to student presentations, leading researchers in computational science and engineering will be invited to give keynote addresses. Representatives of companies and government agencies will also be invited to demonstrate their activity in computational science and engineering and meet with students. Professors from all institutions are welcome to recruit prospective minority graduate students at the conference.

An abstract must contain information on the author(s)' name, mail, and/or email addresses, name of the department, and name of the school. An abstract should not exceed 2 pages. Abstracts in LaTeX or plain TeX are prefered, but not required.

To submit an abstract, you may

Preferred: email (in your subject line, please indicate GS for graduate student, UD for undergraduate, or KS for K-12 student);

Alternative: snail-mail five copies of your abstracts to

Attn: (GS, UD, or KS whichever is appropriate)
CMS Dept.
University of Houston-Downtown
One Main Street
Houston, TX 77002

The deadline for submission is September 10, 1995.

The notification of acceptance, and the conference program will be mailed out before September 25, 1995.

Printed abstracts will be available to all attendees at the Conference.

For any further information, please contact the Conference Organization Committee:

Chenyi Hu,; (Committee Chairman)
Ananda Gunawardena,;
Vladik Kreinovich,;
J. D. Oliver,;
Richard Tapia,

If you are interested in attending this conference, please complete the attached form and e-mail to:

Last Name:__________________, First Name:_________________


Name of School:________________________

City:_______________, State:______________, Zip:___________

Email address:_____________________________

Send me further information about the conference: Yes ____, No____.

I will need financial support to attend the conference: Yes____, No___. 
If your answer is yes, the estimated dollar amount will be $____.


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